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Sponsor Relations Manager

Saturday, June 8th, 2024 6:00pm

Island Center for the Performing Arts


TICKETS                                                        TICKET OUTLETS

Adults $25.00 @ door $30.00                           (Call for store hours of operation)

Children $15.00 @ door $20.00                        URBAN THREADZ (340) 773-6900

(kids under 4 free)                                                JG MANAGEMENT (340) 244-9122

                                                                                      MY GIRLFRIENDS CLOSET  (340) 244-4441


Royalty attending w/ Crown & Sash receive 50% off your ticket at the door. Reservation is required for seating no later than June 3rd, 2024. Send an e-mail to confirm attendance to:

Meet the Contestants

At just five years old, Luna Scatliffe is already capturing hearts and inspiring smiles as a vibrant contestant in the Little Princess Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition. Luna is a student at Sandy's Sandbox Academy in Bonaire, Georgia, where she is celebrated for her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. Luna’s passions include singing, dancing, and skating—activities that she dives into with great joy, spreading happiness to everyone around her. Her favorite quote, "It's Hug Time" from the movie Trolls, perfectly encapsulates her warm and loving personality, reflecting her natural inclination to bring comfort and positivity to those she meets. In preparation for the pageant, Luna has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to blend her Latin and Virgin Islands cultures. Her performances beautifully showcase her unique heritage and her deep love for dance, highlighting the vibrant traditions of both backgrounds. Luna's joyful spirit and cultural pride make her a standout contestant in this year's competition, and she is sure to leave a lasting impression with her captivating presence and heartfelt performances.

Aaliyah Gabrielle Brown, an inspiring and talented 11-year-old, is proudly competing in the Princess Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant. A dedicated student at CJM Homeschooling, Aaliyah balances her academic pursuits with her passions for singing and reading. Her enthusiasm for learning and her creative spirit shine brightly in all that she does. Aaliyah draws inspiration from the words of Steve Jobs: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." This favorite quote reflects her philosophy of embracing every opportunity with passion and dedication. Her love for performing arts and her natural talent have made her a standout participant in this year's pageant. One of the highlights of Aaliyah's pageant journey has been the joy of selecting outfits and costumes for each judging segment. This creative process has allowed her to express her personality and style, adding to her excitement and preparation for the competition. With her radiant smile, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering determination, Aaliyah Gabrielle Brown embodies the spirit of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival. Her participation in the pageant is a testament to her hard work and her love for the arts, making her a role model for other young aspiring artists.

Thailan Brown, is a spirited and talented 9-year-old who is making waves as a contestant in the Prince Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition. Thailan is a dedicated student at Claude O. Markoe Elementary School, where he excels academically and is known for his enthusiasm and positive attitude.  When he’s not hitting the books, Thailan loves playing soccer. His passion for the sport matches his commitment to doing his best in everything he undertakes. This drive is perfectly encapsulated in his favorite quote, “If I can try I can do my best,” which he carries with him as a personal mantra. Participating in the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition has been an exciting journey for Thailan. He has particularly enjoyed being part of the Dominican Parade, where he felt a deep connection to the vibrant culture and community spirit. The rehearsals have been a fantastic opportunity for Thailan to hone his performance skills and build lasting friendships with fellow contestants. One of the highlights of his preparation has been trying on the stunning costumes and apparel, which have made him feel like a true prince ready to shine on stage. Thailan’s journey in the competition is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and love for the arts. With his positive attitude and bright spirit, Thailan Brown is sure to make a lasting impression at the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition.

Seven-year-old Rayanthony Brown is a vibrant and enthusiastic young competitor in the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition, vying for the title in the Little Prince Division. A dedicated student at Claude O. Markoe Elementary School, Rayanthony balances his academic pursuits with a passion for extracurricular activities.  Rayanthony is the beloved younger sibling to his older brother, Thailan Brown. The bond between the brothers is strong, with Thailan often serving as a role model and source of inspiration for Rayanthony. An aspiring athlete, Rayanthony loves playing basketball, showcasing his energy and teamwork on the court. When he's not shooting hoops, you can find him riding his bike, enjoying the freedom and thrill of the ride. These activities highlight his active lifestyle and love for physical fitness. Rayanthony's favorite quote, "What's meant for me will always be mine," reflects his positive outlook and belief in destiny. Rayanthony found the greatest joy in participating in rehearsals with his fellow contestants. The camaraderie and shared experiences during these practice sessions have been the highlight of his journey, allowing him to form new friendships and create lasting memories.

Kaylah Prentis, a 20-year-old dynamo, is making waves as a contestant in the Queen Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition. A multi-talented individual, Kaylah has already made significant strides in her young life, balancing her passion for nail art with a commitment to education and community service. As a talented Nail Art Technician, Kaylah has honed her skills to perfection, earning admiration and respect for her intricate and creative designs. Her artistry is not just a profession, but a medium through which she expresses her creativity and connects with her clients.  Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kaylah is also an inspiring educator in the Virgin Islands public school system. She brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to her students, fostering a love for learning and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Kaylah draws strength and inspiration from her favorite quote, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." This guiding principle is evident in her approach to life, as she faces challenges with unwavering faith and determination. Participating in the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant has been a transformative experience for Kaylah. As she competes in the Queen Division, she stands as a role model for young women in the Virgin Islands, showcasing that with passion, faith, and hard work, one can achieve greatness and inspire others along the way.

Egypt Jackson, an 18-year-old rising star, is competing in the Queen Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition. A dual-resident of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Albemarle, North Carolina, Egypt is currently pursuing her studies at Stanly Community College. Balancing her academic commitments with her passions, Egypt shines both on the basketball court and in the world of modeling. Known for her resilience and determination, Egypt embodies her favorite quote: “In the pursuit of dreams, resilience is your crown, and determination is your scepter.” This mantra drives her to excel in all her endeavors, inspiring those around her to persevere in the face of challenges. Participating in the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant has been a transformative experience for Egypt. Her favorite part of the competition has been learning the opening production number, which allowed her to embrace her love for performance and connect with fellow contestants. As Egypt Jackson competes for the title in the Queen Division, she brings her unique blend of talent, grace, and tenacity to the stage, making her a remarkable contestant  in this prestigious event.

Nova Gomez, a vibrant and talented 5-year-old, is a shining star in the Little Princess Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival Pageant Competition. A student at St. Mary's Catholic School, Nova brings her infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy to everything she does. Nova has a passion for modeling and dancing, activities that allow her to express her creativity and joy. In her free time, she enjoys watching cartoons and cherishing moments with her beloved Grandma, whose warmth and wisdom inspire her daily. Her favorite quote, "Believe you can and you're halfway there," embodies Nova's positive spirit and determination. Preparing for the competition has been an exciting adventure for Nova, with her favorite part being the selection of outfits and costumes for each segment. This process has allowed her to explore different styles and showcase her unique personality. Nova's journey in the Little Princess Division is just the beginning of a bright future filled with promise and potential. With her love for the arts and her supportive family, Nova is set to captivate hearts and leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Abigail Diaz Bass, a vivacious seven-year-old from Washington, DC, is a rising star in the world of pageantry and modeling. Born to loving parents, her love for latin culture ignited early, fueled by the vibrant culture of her second home, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. A student at Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School, Abigail's days are filled with learning, but her heart belongs on the dance floor. With a passion for dance, pageantry and modeling that knows no bounds, Abigail decided to compete in the Little Princess Division of the Virgin Islands Salsa Festival. Preparing for the pageant was a whirlwind of excitement, from mastering the production number to selecting dazzling dresses and costumes. Her favorite quote, "the best thing you can be is you," guides her journey, reminding her to stay true to herself. As the competition draws near, Abigail's anticipation grows. With unwavering support from her family and friends, she's ready to shine on stage, with a smile as radiant as the Caribbean sun and a sparkle so bright, she will sure leave a lasting impression on your minds as she takes the stage. 


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